No matter the industry, most businesses require Facility Management (FM) in some capacity.  In some organizations, FM requires a whole team of specialized professionals.  In other companies, it may only be one or two people tasked with managing facility matters – and they may not even have any work experience in handling facilities.  Those who manage facilities handle a wide variety of tasks that keep work environments functioning.  These tasks fall in a number of different categories, some of which are completely unrelated to one another.  From HVAC to coffee & beverage services and building security to going green – all of these tasks require large scope of skills from the people that oversee these projects and functions. All of these tasks can put an unnecessary burden on employees, especially those who only manage facility matters as just one part of their regular workload.  This is where Integrated Facility Management (IFM) comes in. SERVIQ Solutions Limited’s Integrated Facility Management Services are networked across major cities of Bangladesh and has become an important center for many companies to outsource and hire workforce or services. We choose the right people who go beyond customer needs. This team is regularly supervised, follows the best practices and is highly professional. To ensure our customers always experience a hassle-free experience, we have an efficient backup resource pool for last-minute staff replacements as well as an emergency response team. Our competitive services are flexible and tailored to our client’s needs. They’re not only cost-effective but also ensure value for money. Our focus on compliance and safety allows you to focus on the core business. Whether our customers have to move to an unknown location or find comfort in their homes and offices, we provide a range of services to address all their needs. SERVIQ Solutions Limited’s Integrated Facility Management Services Division provides well-trained personnel to cater various facility services such as:

Workplace Management

Workplace Management Service Includes:

Workplace management is the cornerstone of maintaining a building and the environment for work. With a frictionless workplace, employees can work efficiently and safely. It’s a strategic part of keeping employees happy and ensuring that the overall execution of facilities management.

 * Coffee, Water & Beverage Service
 * HVAC Maintenance
 * Fire System
 * Indoor Plant Maintenance
 * Pest Control
 * Janitorial Services
 * Security Services
 * Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Maintenance
 * Shredding & Trash Services

Facility Management

Facility Management Service Includes:

Responsibilities associated with facility management typically include a wide range of function and support services, including janitorial services; security; property or building management; engineering services; space planning and accounting; mail and messenger services; records management; computing, telecommunications and information systems; safety; and other support duties.

 * BMS Control Management
 * Copier & Printer Management
 * Storage & Warehouse Management
 * Budget Development & Analysis
 * Elevator Maintenance
 * Turn-Key Site Maintenance
 * Central Plant Chiller Maintenance
 * Land Scape Maintenance
 * Work Oder System

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives Service Includes:

Renewable energy sources reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills. Some states even offer incentives to those who create green homes and buildings. Green initiatives are also creating new employment opportunities. Essentially, a green initiative can cut costs.

 * Recycling
 * Lighting Upgrades
 * Solar Power System
 * Power Quality System
 * Standby Generator System
 * Power Storage System

Specialty Services

Specialty Services Includes:

 * Landlord Property Report
 * Safety Training
 * Environmental Health & Safety
 * Move Management
 * Space Planning
 * Project Management
 * Furniture System